Your Child Deserves Better

Provide more through child support enforcement in Houston, TX

Whether you're dealing with a deadbeat ex or a controlling co-parent, violations of child custody and support agreements can be harmful to your child. Sooner or later, you'll need an attorney to help you hold the offending party accountable. Helleck Law handles child support enforcement in the Houston, Texas area.

Don't let your former partner paint you as the bad guy. Protect your child's physical and emotional well-being through a child support enforcement motion.

Your child custody agreement is a matter of law

Is it time to turn to a child custody enforcement attorney? Your ex can fail to follow the court's order by...

  • Refusing to show up for scheduled visitation
  • Keeping your child away from you during scheduled visitation
  • Not making child support payments on time or in the full amount

If any of these have happened to you, Helleck Law can file a motion to enforce on your behalf.

Get the results you and your child need and deserve. Ask about child custody enforcement by calling 832-639-4879 today.