Custody Modification and Child Support Issues

When Your Life Changes, Child Support Can Change, Too

How to modify your child support agreement in Houston, TX

In a perfect world, you and your ex-spouse would agree on how to co-parent your child, you'd both honor that agreement faithfully and it would never need updating. In the real world, if you have child custody and support agreements, you're likely to need ongoing legal guidance. For help modifying and enforcing your child support agreement, turn to a premier family law firm in Houston, TX.

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3 reasons to request a child support modification

You may need to revisit your child support agreement if you or your former spouse has a change in...

  1. Income, such as a layoff or promotion
  2. Location, to include moving out of state
  3. Marital status, as remarriage can change household income

If one of you relocates, you may need to seek changes in your child custody agreement. If you're in Houston, Texas or the surrounding area, call Helleck Law now to learn more.